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UNIWES was incorporated in 1992 as a turnkey project specialist in the three phases of initiation, design and construction of numerous industrial activities. UNIWES provides customers with various services from the front-end Water Purification System to the Chemical Processing System and Wastewater Treatment System, as well as providing assistance in acquiring relevant accessories.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment



UNIWES’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine / Tank offers you manual or automated ultrasonic cleaning systems that integrates state-of-the-art controls for the ease of operation and maintenance. Our ultrasonic cleaning technologies are effective with difficult parts such as bearings, where blind holes are common. Our ultrasonic uses mid range frequencies to create vibrations, effectively purging dirt from miniature holes which are difficult to reach. 


Our system can be custom designed and built for cleaning processes of different components, depending on customer’s requirement.


  • Material handling for heavy component
  • Safe working environment for operator
  • Increased production capability


Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine / Tank are generally constructed using stainless steel material and fully encapsulated for safety and good working environment.


Thanks to our experience in the industry, we are ready to assist you in designing a system to meet your ultrasonic cleaning needs.

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