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UNIWES was incorporated in 1992 as a turnkey project specialist in the three phases of initiation, design and construction of numerous industrial activities. UNIWES provides customers with various services from the front-end Water Purification System to the Chemical Processing System and Wastewater Treatment System, as well as providing assistance in acquiring relevant accessories.


Scrubber System

Scrubber System


Scrubbers are effective air pollution control systems used for removing hazardous particles and harmful gases from the exhaust streams. In the aviation, marine and electronic industries, scrubbers are normally installed in processes that involves heated chemical solutions which are highly corrosive and hazardous.

Some other application which utilities scrubbers are welding/grinding process, odour/smell control and dust control.  


UNIWES offers a variety of Scrubber Systems specifically designed for your process application, using our experience and knowledge to provide the engineering solution for your process.


  • Modern and fully customizable controls are incorporated to suit each customer’s need
  • Important operating variables are thoroughly considered when designing the size and type of scrubber
  • Complete system of scrubber, ductwork, fan, pump & piping, mist eliminator and exhaust stack
  • Designed for performance and effectiveness, making sure the system and emission are authority-compliant
  • Maintenance platform provided for maintenance and calibration testing

We understand that your compliance to authority is important. Our technical knowledge and know-how can help our customer to develop an engineering solution - a pollution control system which will be efficient and effective into the future.

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