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UNIWES was incorporated in 1992 as a turnkey project specialist in the three phases of initiation, design and construction of numerous industrial activities. UNIWES provides customers with various services from the front-end Water Purification System to the Chemical Processing System and Wastewater Treatment System, as well as providing assistance in acquiring relevant accessories.


Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) Line

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) Line


Surface defects may seem tiny and insignificant but they can develop into cracks, leading to failure of structures or component. Hence they can be detrimental to the working part and its operation on the long run.



Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Line (FPI) is a Non-Destructive Test (NDT) method, commonly used in high demanding industry (Manufacturing, Transportation and Aviation sector), for detecting surface defects which are invisible to the naked eye.

UNIWES is an experienced FPI system OEM and have fabricated more than 80 Lines worldwide. Our FPI line is an integrated range of system which can include various stations and booths to meet your specifications, such as:-


  • Material Handling Mechanism
  • Rollers Conveyors
  • Tanks and Booths
  • Dryer / Vacuum Oven
  • Developer Station
  • Pre-Clean and Post cleaning Stations



UNIWES understands that every customer's requirement varies. Offering maximum versatility and configuration based on each customer’s unique requirement, UNIWES is able to customize and plan our FPI Line in different manners, such as:


  • One Straight Line 
  • Two or more Straight Lines
  • U-Shape Line 
  • L-Shape Line 
  • Front / Side / Top Loading



UNIWES has accumulated more than two decades of experience in delivering Manual and Semi-Automatic FPI Line for our various satisfied clients. We offer solutions for our customers even when it is technically challenging or where space is limited, because we understand FPI is part of your important process.




Our modern FPI Line system will help you to boost up your overall productivity and increase production. We have incorporated the latest state of the art technology such as waste water recycling system to reduce your carbon footprint! 


So talk to us – our team is ready to assist you.

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