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Chemical Cleaning Line

Chemical Cleaning Line 1 UNIWES Cleaning Line 4.0 Chemical Cleaning Line


Automated Chemical Cleaning Line allow parts to be immersed into chemical solutions such as alkaline degreaser rust inhibiter and surfactant for a specific timing. Chemical are used to remove oil, paint, coating, scale, grit and deposit from the component surface prior to other process such as inspection.

UNIWES_Chemical Cleaning Line

Based on our vast experiences in setting up automated Chemical Cleaning Machine, we have incorporated several enhanced features and careful selection of material to cater the demanding nature of cleaning process. This will in turn minimize operator from exposure to aggressive chemical which poses hazard to the operating environment.  

Working closely together with our customer, UNIWES combines technical abilities and know-hows in the various industry (Shipping, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, transportation etc) to design a complete, high quality and result oriented Chemical Cleaning (Machine) Line which improves your productivity while keeping the footprint smallest possible.

  • Designed for optimized efficiency for your production
  • Strict adherence to quality standards
  • Technical knowledge and experience ensures each turnkey is specially designed based requirements – to obtain optimum productivity, high quantity and quality output
  • Designed for Safety and Reliability
  • Environmental-Friendly technology
  • Manual or Fully Automatic capability
  • With a UNIWES system, you can look forward to a high quality and technologically advanced system to help you boost up your overall productivity and increase production.
  • All our equipment comes with option of Critical Preventive maintenance to ensure equipment readiness. 

Our Chemical Cleaning (Machine) Line is used by world renowned Engine MRO companies, Marine and Oil industry, Manufacturing and Power Turbine OEM.


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