Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Line

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About Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Line:

Surface defects may seem tiny and insignificant but they can develop into cracks, leading to failure of structures. Hence they can be detrimental to the working part and its operation on the long run. Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection line is used to locate any minute cracks and crevices on parts. This inspection method is commonly used in the aircraft and aerospace industries, Marine Industry and Power Turbine industry. We do planning, designing, construction, setting up and commissioning of the fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Line until handover as a turnkey project specialist. We provide warranty and after commissioning maintenance contract as well.

There are generally two types of FPI method: Spraying FPI method and Immersion FPI method. These methods can be incorporated into a Auto FPI, Semi Auto FPI and Manual FPI. With over 16 years of experience in designing and fabricating Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System, we have successfully incorporated green technologies, saving the water and electrical consumption as a continuous improvement effort.

In 2007, We successful design and fabricated a one piece flow FPI and Degreaser machine. The concept and idea was developed by our company over years of research and development. This machine combines the NDT (FPI) Process and Degreasing process, saving time and solving the problems of space constraint. Its ingenious design uses state of art technology and increase the productivity of our client with our user friendly design. This machine was well received by our valued client and currently running in full production at our client’s site.

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