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Pressure - Leak Test Machine Pressure - Leak Test Machine


UNIWES has supplied various Pressure / Leak Test Rig Machines to the aviation and transportation industry.


Using our Pressure / Leak Test Rig Machine, customer will be able to test their components for the degree of leakage – in a safe, controlled and reliable environment. Our pressure test equipment range from 1 PSI to 20,000 PSI using medium from compress air, water, oil and vacuum. Special attention given to use the correct material to ensure all equipment and component are safe and reliable.   

Design of a leak test machine / rig ranges from open concept to enclosed cabinet concept. 
Our aviation and automotive client has tap our expertise on leak test for parts ranging from fuel oil tube to drain valve, duct, vacuum discharge valves and hydraulic shaft.

Safety is our first priority in design to ensure operator are safe. 


Talk to us and send us your enquiries as each of our equipment are customized to fit your operation needs ! 

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