Scrubber System (Odour and Air Pollution Control)

Scrubber System


UNIWES design, install and service air-scrubbing systems for a wide area of applications and industries including:

• Process exhaust from high-tech semi-conductor, Chemical and photo-voltaic industries
• Process exhaust from surface Treatment industry
• Odour nuisance generated from sewerage treatment plants, pumping stations, sludge treatment and composting plants
• Biogas purification and upgrade for use as combustion fuel
• Odour nuisance from tobacco and food industries
• Flue-gas from ship propulsion and power-generation engines
• Flue-gas from power-generation and incineration plants

We provide comprehensive solution to treat wide range of contaminants including acids, caustics, NH3 , NOx , SOx , VOC, solvents, sub-micron particles and H2S etc which are carried in process exhaust, flue-gas emissions and malodorous fugitive gases.

Our worldwide installations numbered to more than 60 in total. Our substantial market share is a strong testimonial of the confidence we have gained from our satisfied Customers, built over the years. Our portfolio of technologies include :

• venturi-scrubber
• activated carbon filter
• cross-flow scrubber
• counter-flow scrubber
• dual-flow filter
• dry fabric-filter
• bio-trickling filter & bio-filter
• ionizing wet scrubber



UNIWES offers a variety of Scrubber Systems specifically designed for your process application, using our experience and knowledge to provide the engineering solution for your process.


  • Modern and fully customizable controls are incorporated to suit each customer’s need
  • Important operating variables are thoroughly considered when designing the size and type of scrubber
  • Complete system of scrubber, ductwork, fan, pump & piping, mist eliminator and exhaust stack
  • Designed for performance and effectiveness, making sure the system and emission are authority-compliant
  • Maintenance platform provided for maintenance and calibration testing

We understand that your compliance to regulatory requirement and corporate value to minimize waste is important. Our technical knowledge and know-how can help our customer to develop an engineering solution - a pollution control system which will be efficient and effective into the future.

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