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High Pressure Washer Jet

High Pressure Cleaning Jet


High Pressure Washer Spray Jets
are used for removing grease and dirt from the component, including general cleaning. These high efficient cleaning machine are constructed from Stainless Steel to ensure durability.

These Cleaning Machines are generally installed in the aviation, shipping and transportation industry to wash blades, nozzles, Rings and ducts.

UNIWES High Pressure Water Spray Jets system offers full process automation capabilities with option of oil separation and filtration system which translate to cost savings for our customer operation.

Our high pressure Washer nozzles are positioned for high coverage with precise cleaning capability. Spray Nozzles are rotating and/or customized to angle to ensure highest washing efficiency. 

Our advantages include: 

  • High-impact, high-volume, high-temperature spray
  • Multi-stage processes are used to achieve high-quality cleaning
  • Low energy cost - Due to insulation and recirculation principles
  • No VOC emissions offering a safe work environment
  • Low chemical cost – Low dilution of chemical
  • Option of Automatic sludge, oil, and grease removal

These high impact cleaning machine can be customized for automation via user friendly PLC Touch Screen. This is popular with our client which saves maintenance and troubleshooting errors.

Our cleaning equipments are designed with safety in mind. Interlocks are provided to ensure the system runs effectively and safely. All piping and hazard sign will be installed to ensure the highest safety standards.